The Vaughan Family

It's still a bit strange, at my age (which shall remain unspecified), that I can say I have known and been friends with a person my entire life. Someone outside my immediate family, of course. That statement is true of my good friend. We lived across the street from each other when we were born. She was the youngest of three, and I was the oldest of two. We had our ups and downs in those early years, but when my family moved 20 minutes away, and we never went to school together again, we managed to remain friends. We wrote letters, we talked on the phone (this was well before email and texting was an option), we had sleepovers, and generally stayed in each others lives all these years. Now that we're all grown up, and have families of our own we still get busy with our family lives, but always manage to stay in touch, and luckily live fairly close. Her children are growing up, and with one in college (with boyfriend in tow), and the next a senior in high school, the family dynamic is changing. There is less and less time together as a family of five. There was a short window this summer when everyone was home and together. They love to laugh, and their sense of fun shines through in these pictures.